2 years ago . June 19, 2012
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Would you come to a Doctor Who Tumblr meetup at San Diego Comic-Con (July 12-15, 2012)?


This is just to gauge interest. The party would be for you, Tumblr Whovians, so we’d only throw it if you think you could make it.

While there are no plans as of yet, we’d probably hold it outside of the convention center (so that everybody could come regardless of ticket) and it would probably be all ages.

We’d all get a chance to meet one another. And we’d definitely create something together that would go up on all of our tumblrs. And there’d be punch and pie*.

* ‘punch and pie’ not guaranteed to be actual punch or pie.



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    Yes! OH MY SWEET DOCTOR YES!!!!!!! :D
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  5. wecouldbechillin answered: Indefinetley.
  6. stardust-showtime answered: I would definitely be interested! I can’t say for sure I’ll go cause of scheduling, but I’d try.
  7. sarahsamudre answered: My husband and I will be at SDCC and we’d love to go to a Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup
  8. z00l0gicallyimpr0bable answered: I wish! You guys should come to Canada. I know a bunch of fangirls who would be very excited about that.
  9. riveralwaysknew answered: YES! Let’s do it! It would be epic fun!
  10. aweebird answered: !!!
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    Big Yes!
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  13. time-heals-all-moods answered: YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!….. if I lived close enough… :’/
  14. monsters-in-an-english-garden answered: If I lived in America, then yes. Unfortunately, I don’t. Someone with me for the British Comic-Con, though?
  15. notthatgone answered: yes yes yes!
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  17. artinpark answered: Yes, we will come bedecked in our finest Fez!
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  19. thegreatgame answered: YES! I’d would totally attend! (Perhaps an evening thing though)
  20. arkytior-lungbarrow answered: I really wish I could but I don’t have enough money to go to CA twice in seven months and I’ve devoted myself to Gallifrey next year. :-(
  21. raynedropart answered: Oh my glob I wish..
  22. cannothidesoscream answered: I wish why not have one in Australia there are like so many fans here and I know I would just make sure you have it in Queensland as we love
  23. tardistrekkie answered: I’d be interested, sure!
  24. ash-xoxo answered: I would love to. Unfortunately, San Diego is a long way from Tennessee….
  25. thegamesafoot answered: I would.
  26. sml20exel answered: I’m in! Last year it was at a pub. Just delightful.
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  28. pandlerbing answered: yes!
  29. seraphabulous answered: if i lived in california, i would. there should be conventions along the east coast, why does everything have to be in cali ;A;